Frequently Asked Questions


SMS-Banking is a service allowing you to have all the information relating to your account on your mobile phone, 24 hours a day. It is an easy and accessible communication tool for everyone.

E-Banking is a service allowing access to one’s account via the Internet 24 hours a day. It makes it possible to maintain a permanent relationship with customers wherever they are in the world.

Foreign exchange is a service for obtaining foreign currencies or exchanging currencies (international foreign currencies) using the national currency.

Ordinary wire transfers are simple customer remittances from account to account on a one-time basis. As for permanent transfers, they are remittances from customers on a periodic basis.

International transfers are sending or receiving funds from a WAEMU country or the rest of the world on behalf of a client on a nostro account (currency account opened by CBI on the books of a foreign correspondent bank).

Fast money transfers Fast money transfers are sending or receiving funds from a WAEMU country or the rest of the world on behalf of a customer.

ACADEMIA is a withdrawal and payment card specially designed for pupils, civil servant pupils and students. It offers them the possibility of domiciling their aid, savings or FONER loans easily. It is rechargeable in real time and allows you to withdraw the desired amount.

OPEN is a simple withdrawal card linked to a savings account or a checking account. It offers the possibility of adding a secondary card.

CHALLENGE is a withdrawal and payment card for a checking account or a business account. It offers the possibility of attaching a secondary card.

LEADER is a withdrawal and payment card linked to a checking account or a business account. It offers the possibility of adding a secondary card.

Public contracts are defined as contracts signed between contractors or suppliers and a public authority for the execution of works, supplies, goods or services.

The bank intervenes in the financing of public markets and grants its assistance by granting credits or by acting as guarantor: of offers. It is purely discharged if the tenderer is not declared successful bidder.

• The final bond or performance bond: it is intended to guarantee that the work will be completed.

• The start-up advance deposit: is intended to guarantee the deposit made by the administration to the successful bidder when the contract clauses provide for it.

• Retained security deposit: on the payments it makes, the contracting authority (public authority) retains a certain percentage called “guarantee retention” in order to protect itself against any malformations that need to be repaired. This deduction can however be replaced by a bank guarantee.

The term deposit (DAT) is a renewable fixed investment, with a theoretical minimum duration of 1 month. The purpose of the DAT is to build up remunerative savings whose interest is paid at maturity on the basis of the terms of the contract.

Tax bonds are bonds issued by the bank in favor of customs to guarantee customs transactions for customers. These bonds are authorized beforehand by the customs administration in the form of annual submissions setting a ceiling for each type of bond.

Fictitious warehouses : this is a system by which the customs administration grants import customers the authorization to store their goods in approved warehouses before liquidation and payment of customs duties and taxes against a bank guarantee.

Temporary admissions : this is a regime by which customs authorizes the entry into circulation of certain bonded goods for a period generally of 18 months, guaranteed by a bank guarantee.

Bonded assets : it is a customs regime noting the entry of goods which must be released for consumption or re-exported after a period of three (03) months against a bank guarantee.

Removal credit : this is a system by which the customs administration grants importing or exporting customers the facility to remove, as and when the checks are carried out, their goods before liquidation and payment of customs duties and taxes during one (1) year against a bank guarantee.

Guaranteed bonds or duty credits : are bills endorsed by the bank for 120 days drawn by the public administration on import customers benefiting from VAT or customs duty payment terms.

Documentary credit : commitment made by the bank (issuing) at the request and in accordance with the instructions of the customer (purchaser or principal) to pay immediately or deferred to the supplier (beneficiary), either itself or through another (notifying) bank upon presentation of documents.

The letter of guarantee for lack of documents : joint commitment given by the bank to the customs administration to facilitate the removal of bonded goods before the payment of customs duties and taxes.

Discount : is an operation by which the bank acquires the ownership of a commercial paper (promissory note, bill of exchange, warrant) representing a short-term debt against the immediate payment (before maturity) to the bearer (customer), of the nominal less costs and interest calculated on the remaining period.

The overdraft facility : one-off, it makes it possible to compensate for a short-term lag with regard to receipts presented by the customer in proof of future receipts.

The overdraft : is a loan made available to the customer by the bank and used to make up for a structural imbalance or a lack of funds. It is also a short-term credit by which the bank authorizes its client to withdraw funds from its account for an amount greater than its own availability, for a time and at a rate determined in advance. It can be temporary or permanent.

• Seasonal credit : is granted by the bank to companies carrying out a seasonal activity and makes it possible to finance production while waiting for the sales period.

Advance on market : credit granted to the customer within the framework of the execution of a market or an order form for the benefit of the contracting authority against pledge of debt of sum of money and domiciliation of the market or of the purchase order.

Bridging credit : credit granted to the customer while waiting for money to come in.

A mortgage is a long-term loan intended to cover: a property purchase; a real estate construction operation; development work on existing property.

The operating credit is intended primarily to finance the current or long-term operating needs of business customers. It can be a spot credit which makes it possible to cover large short-term transactions.

Investment credit is primarily intended to finance the medium and long-term investment needs of business and corporate customers. It can also be a spot loan or depreciable loan which makes it possible to cover major short-term transactions.

Coris Epargne Logement is a savings plan allowing subscribers to gently and securely build up the necessary contribution to obtain a mortgage.

Coris Epargne Vision is intended for students, workers and any promoter with an ambition to carry out a project that is close to their hearts. The account holder can benefit from support in carrying out his project through financing.

Savings Coris allows you to prepare for your future and that of your family by growing your money in peace and in optimal security conditions.

Coris Epargne Leader is a savings account with special remuneration conditions and also allows flexibility in the management of your savings.

Coris Epargne Rummdé aims to cultivate the spirit of savings in the family by opening a savings account. Coris Epargne Rummdé also aims to participate in the banking of women, the majority segment of the population and few of whom have access to banking services.

Coris Epargne Famille allows parents to cultivate the spirit of savings in the family by opening an account for each member. They can thus make their money grow while preparing for the future of the family with complete peace of mind for future expenses.

Coris Pilgrimage Savings is a product that allows you to build up savings in advance for a well-defined period to carry out your pilgrimage projects. It is a product intended for anyone wishing to build up capital to make their profession of faith.

CORIS BAYIIRI is a pack for the Burkinabè diaspora around the world. This pack consists of two accounts and a subscription:

Coris savings .

Coris Housing Savings ( CEL )