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strong partnerships

Strong partnerships


Coris Bank International and the CBIP, the partnership for better management of your financial operations!
A partnership between the Compagnie des Banques Internationales de Paris ( CBIP ) and Coris Bank International has been set up to better handle the financial transactions of Ivorians residing in France.
Through this partnership, Coris Bank International offers you the possibility of carrying out your operations in complete security.


ria fast money transfer

The RIA Group offers fast, trusted and secure money transfer services, using state-of-the-art technologies to ensure speed and accuracy in transactions to send money to families and loved ones. 

We operate through a global network of over 112,000 authorized agents in over 130 countries.  Thanks to this partnership, Coris Bank International offers the possibility to all Burkinabè residing abroad to be able to carry out their financial transactions in complete security.